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Heidicakes. November 20, 2010

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That has been my nickname since middle school. Why? Not really sure. It has a nice ring to it though! But lately, it has just seemed to fit more and more…


I guess it was just recently, in the past year or so, that I realized how much I love to cook. I didn’t cook much while living at home since my mom was always baking up a storm and I just ate whatever she put on the table. It really wasn’t until I was out on my own, far from home, and out of school that I realized it.


Growing up, I always knew exactly what I wanted to eat–grilled cheese. Honestly, it never varied much from that! Every restaurant I went to, be it American, Italian, Mexican or even Caribbean cuisine, I wanted a grilled cheese. This wasn’t just a year long phase I went through, either. I did this until about the age of 16! Looking back, I wish I had some variety in my diet. Variety to me meant adding bologna or ham to my grilled cheese or sometimes I splurged and had chicken fingers! I just despised all food that wasn’t “normal.”


Thank goodness that isn’t the case now!! I love exploring new foods and tastes and sharing my food creations with my loved ones! I’ve gone from a plain jane eater to the person in the lunch room that gets stared at while eating her falafel pita sandwich!


I can attribute my love for food and cooking to several different sources, but there are a few that I know had influenced me immensely:


1. My mom. She is always trying new foods and healthy ways to cook things. I think just watching her in the kitchen growing up was a great influence on me.


2. My good friend, Kellie. Kellie is allergic to dairy and recently found that she has celiac’s disease. She has inspired me to look at different ways of cooking and how to deal with food allergies. We have had many dairy and gluten-free feasts recently and I like to show her that its not hard to have a delicious meal, dessert included, without worrying (though she probably already knows this!).


3. Wegmans. If I ever need to be inspired, to find something strange, or just to indulge, I turn to Wegmans. I was introduced to Wegmans in college and I can’t turn back now. Where else can you find 5 aisles of gluten free food, beers from around the world, all your regular groceries AND fresh sushi?? Just try me!


That’s my story. I want to cook and share it with everyone. So, here goes nothing!


One Response to “Heidicakes.”

  1. Heidi's Mom Says:

    Great beginning to your food blog! Never did I think that my plain grilled cheese eating daughter would become such a lover of unique and different foods! I’m happy that my love of cooking and trying new recipes finally rubbed off on you! And what is the best is that you also have learned that loving to cook doesn’t mean overindulging in unhealthy food choices. I am looking forward to the progression of your blog and will even try some of your recipes!

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